RAF Black Magical Count

Date of Birth:
True black and white spotted bull with 5/8ths McGill breeding. Combining HCR, Trail Dust, LC Bladen, JBR Cash and Roundup which are all Horn Showcase Winners. Then add Emperor and the Senator bulls to the genetic mix. Now add McGill females of Magic 37, Maddi, Ima Whiz and Rita 2. Count has the laid back to his shoulders style horn that both his sir and dam had at the same age. I've put him on my watch list as a possible Jr herd sire.
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True black and white paint. True black is very hard to come by because of the recessive red gene. Color testing would reveal if his hidden color is Parker Brown like his sire is, or whether or not his hidden color is in fact red. Either way his laid back horn set is exactly like both his sire and dam were showing at his same age. 5/8ths McGill breeding here. He's on my list of Jr's to watch.