Date of Photo: 4/1/2015 Courtesy of Running Arrow Farm LLC

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RAF Rockytop's Shamrock

Date of Birth: 4/16/2009
Description: This young cow represents our 2nd generation of this dam line. This is a blending of Gunman, Roundup and Hunts Command Respect. Exposed to 11X Bronze Champion "Totem Pole" from 7/26/13 thru 12/1/14.
Owner Name:Running Arrow Farm LLC
Breeder:Running Arrow Farm LLC
Private Herd Number:916
For Sale:Yes
Sales Price:$1,850
Sales Comments:FOR SALE: Out of our valuable dam line of "Salida Sleek" a "Salida Slick" grand-daughter. This cow line produces for us. Add in Owen McGill breeding from her sire and you have a girl that will be a corner-stone cow. Plain tan wrapper but a quality girl. Exposed to 11X Bronze Winner "Totem Pole" from 12/2/14 thru 9/9/14. She and all of her calves are MFE.
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