Totem Pole

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11X Bronze Winner. TP was one of the first 3 bulls to carry both 75"+ tip to tip and over 100" of total horn. TP is 7/8ths related to both "Sittin Bull" & "Top Caliber" and 3/4 brother to "Trail Dust 40" & "Buzz Saw". Also related to "Respect Me" and "Iron Mike". Proven pedigree of top Owen McGill/Hunts Command Repect greats which includes his dam "HAY HOOK" one of the best producing "Roundup" daughters. Craft's own a TP daughter that measures 82"t2t on June 20, 2015 as young 5 year old.
Totem or T
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Running Arrow Farm LLC
Owen McGill
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Was 104" Total Horn as of January 2013. He has been digging hard in our sandy soil. One of top 1% of Registered Longhorn bulls that have both 75"+ t2t and 100"+ total horn. Totem Pole is out of the famous McGill/Wilson breeding program. Multiple Bronze winner like his famous sire: "Hunts Command Respect" with dam "HAY HOOK" a producer of multiple Bronze Winners and Hay Hook's Elite daughters are producing Bronze winners in their own right. Just think what his offspring could do for your herd. Awesome for outcrossing. He stays home and is not a problem, loves cubes. Bred and Branded by Owen McGill himself.
Incorporate Type:
Award DateEvent LocationAward
10/15/2010Horn ShowcaseComposite Bronze winner
10/15/2010Horn ShowcaseTotal Horn Bronze winner
10/15/2010Horn ShowcaseTTT Bronze winner
10/15/2009Horn ShowcaseTTT Bronze winner
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Composite211.875010/10/2013 TLBAA Horn Showcase
Tip to Tip76.000010/10/2013 TLBAA Horn Showcase
Total Horn102.875010/10/2013Bronze WinnerTLBAA Horn Showcase
Weight1571.000010/09/2013Digital Scale with hip height of 55" 
Composite211.000009/29/2012Bronze WinnerTLBAA Horn Showcase
Tip to Tip76.125009/29/2012Bronze WinnerTLBAA Horn Showcase
Total Horn103.875009/29/2012Bronze WinnerTLBAA Horn Showcase
Tip to Tip75.625003/10/2012  
Total Horn100.750003/10/2012  
Composite207.000010/08/2011Bronze WinnerHSC
Tip to Tip75.125010/08/2011Bronze WinnerHSC
Total Horn99.937510/08/2011Bronze WinnerHSC
Tip to Tip74.300005/15/2011  
Tip to Tip73.500011/24/2010  
Composite199.500010/15/2010Bronze WinnerHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip72.750010/15/2010Bronze WinnerHorn Showcase
Total Horn95.125010/15/2010Bronze WinnerHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip71.812507/07/2010  
Total Horn89.937507/07/2010  
Tip to Tip71.000005/07/2010  
Tip to Tip69.625002/05/2010  
Total Horn87.000002/05/2010  
Tip to Tip69.000012/04/2009  
Composite182.062510/03/20092nd PlaceHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip67.687510/03/2009Bronze WinnerHorn Showcase
Total Horn83.500010/03/20092nd PlaceHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip60.000001/07/2009