A deposit will hold an animal until weaning or delivery/pickup arrangements can be made.

Girls are OCV'd, vaccinations, deworming, and registrations are/will be current and provided. 

It is possible that I could deliver for $2.00 per loaded mile.
We have several steps that we employ to narrow down the the different jobs for the young bulls, heifers and/or calf crop.

step one:  evaluate from birth to weaning age at approximatly 6-8 months of age for dispostion, horn, weight gain, pedigree, color and again, dispostion.

step two:  by weaning they have been worked 1 or 2 times for their calfhood vaccinations. bull calves that are slow gainers of their peer group which normally gain closer to the 1 pound per day gain instead of the 2 pound a day gain are sorted out at weaning time to go for recreation ropers or if they are fancy colored and have a good dispostion, then they could go for pasture pretty steers if one wanted.  I do not believe in using roper style for breeding stock in my herd or for anybody else.
Even if they seem to be a total package, if they fail the dispostion area, I have and do band them, as they have proved to be most suitable as ropers.
 I will give my heifers extra chances to work thru any issues. But for the boys it is critical for them to have good manners for me or anybody else.

step three:  bulls are watched from weaning until they are 2 years of age. many are sold during step one and two, these that make it to step three are ones that I would consider for my own herd if I didn't have to keep my focus on my own breeding plans. These are young bulls that we will also rent out for breeding 1st time heifers when they are 14 months of age or older, or for registered breeding stock also.

step four:  because of our limited pasture space and persistant drought conditions, we have a final job that these bulls will fill. That is to go into the RAF Farmers Market Freezer. It's not that I want these bulls to have this job. It is that since they are still here and I am running out of time for the tenderness factor for their heart healthy lean steaks, I need them to be under 24-30 months of age for the freezer.

So you see, we try our very best to fit our longhorns to a particular job that they will be good at.  This applies to our females as well, I try to match what you are wanting to do with what I am selling. I need for you to be a satisfied customer.

NOTE: If you spot a bull that you like, speak up for him. Because I will not let you know until after the fact that he is gone. I do not believe in selling good registered stock for sale barn prices in a private treaty sale.  If you want sale barn prices, please, go to the sale barn.

Please consider the fact that it is possible for me to sell any of my animals by the pound. As a grass-fed and grass-finished animals, I am able to get $6.50 a packaged pound minimum on my 96-97% lean hamburger. You know our steaks are even more dollars per pound.

 On any animal that is not steak quality I can and do get $10.00+ a pound packaged weight beginning in September 2013 with the Summer Sausage line I have brought in.
This ability of selling grass fed and grass finished registered Texas Longhorns gives my herd a trickle up effect.
 Being grass fed and grass finished, even my low end animals are worth more than what I could ever get for them at any sale barn. 
To me, this means my higher quality animals in my herd are worth a quality price.

Quality is what I want to have and Quality is what I want to sell.

We believe that we have a Herd Sire Lineup that will conserve a small part of  "Owen McGill's Legacy that dates back to 1974" to the Registered Longhorn Breed.  Owen was well known and acknowledged as a "Master Breeder". It has been my strongest desire to understand and learn his style of "constructive line breeding" that he did so well. I have been studying this particular "style" of breeding since before 2001 in horses and since 2005 in Texas Longhorns.

I started collecting "McGill bred bloodlines" in 2007 when I bought "Rumble" from "Dora Thompson of Sand Hills Ranch" who had gotten Rumble from Owen himself. Since then I have been adding McGill old and new bloodlines into our herd as well as some nice outcross females too.

While we don't have the leading edge of maximum tip to tip horn growth, I do feel it is more important for me to conserve some part of what Owen built.

"ROUNDUP" is the Bull that put Owen on the map. "Roundup" genetics is what I have built my program around.
All have been picked to compliment the others in our effort of quality pedigree building.

We believe in "Total Horn with a beautiful Twist" is what Texas Longhorns are all about.

We are working on putting more lateral horn into our herd and are seeing the results of that.

This is also where we wish to thank "Owen McGill and Johnnie Wilson" whom our herd sires carry the genetic "constructive linebreeding program" put into place by this very famous team 42 years ago.  I was honored to be able to chase/research pedigrees via telephone with Owen over several years. He loved to go at "least" 6-7 generations back. Sadly, he passed away Spring of 2015. He is missed.

ALL 8 bulls listed below reflect both old and new McGill/Wilson breedings.

Many thanks www.rockinjlonghorns.com for SMOKY RIVER

Many thanks www.lapistolalonghorns.com for JBR CASH

Many thanks to www.lazyaranch.org for TOTEM POLE

Many thanks to www.rockinjlonghorns.com for BAR B Q (A.I. ONLY)

 Many thanks to McGill Ranch for RED MAGIC 28 and ROCKYTOP DIAMOND

Many thanks to www.sandhillsranch.com for FIRE PROOF & WAR WAGON

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