calved: 2/20/2014 D-2020
pic: 5/16/2018
(Hashbrown x Hunts Command Respect)
Bred and Branded by Owen McGill himself.
Hashbrown is own daughter of Hashknife x Roundup
Hashknife is own daughter of Guadalajara x Tabasco

TLBAA HERD SIRE #912 (Parentage DNA Verified)

$200.00 each straw- Collected and stored at Great Plains Breeders Service in Shamrock, Texas.
Semen is now available...No Minimum... shipping extra
Free shipping with 10+ straws 
All straws are of the highest quality. Good for A.I., Flushing, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Embryo Transfers (ET), etc.
Contact myself (Sandy 806.20.1235) or Ray Spangler (940.636.5909) for Semen Sales.

RUNNING ARROW FARM, L.L.C. Welcomes NIGHTHAWK our newest A.I. Certified Herd Sire! 

Many thanks to Rockin' J Longhorns for selling this young up and coming Herd Sire to us.
We know NIGHTHAWK carries the "Consistency and Production Power" Genetics just like his full brothers:  "Top Caliber" & "Sittin Bull"
His two full brothers have multiple 80"-90"
 daughters each and the sons are not shabby either.

Note: Nighthawk comes from both Doug Hunts strongest paternal line of Hunts Command Respect and Owen McGill's strongest maternal line of Hashbrown/Hashknife.
Nighthawk not only has the pedigree, size and color. He has the strongest powerhouse blend of Genetics that Owen ever produced.

Nighthawk started out as a light brown calf. Parker Brown does turn darker with age as he shows.  He is a true tri-color as he has white/parker brown and red in his spotting pattern which looks to be the Brockling gene.

His Parker Brown coloring is dominant over red.  But remember red is recessive so if the dam also shows or carries a hidden red gene that calf will likely be red.
Combine his parker brown with a black cow, it should be easier to get a black calf as black is dominate over parker brown, unless the black cow has one red parent, then you could still end up with a red/red spotted calf. see for their valuable info on color genetics.

These are A.I. Certified Herd Sires that we have utilized over the years since 2001 for Running Arrow Farm LLC.

Professionally collected and stored at Great Plains Breeders Service in Shamrock, Texas
Contact Sandy Martin 806-205-1235
also Contact my partner on the RJL Nighthawk semen~ Ray Spangler (940-636-5909) Texting Available
Semen is available for purchase from the below listed bulls.

No Minimum (Shipping costs are between the buyer and the A.I. Station). Free shipping with 10+ straws
Any combination or quality ~ although it is recommended to purchase 2 straws minimum for each mating you plan on doing.

Jet Black Phantom (Heterozygous Black) = $50.00

Bar B Q = $100.00

Totem Pole = $100.00

JBR Cash (TLBAA AI. SIRE #659 and ITLA AI. SIRE #2024). = Semen $100.00

RJL Nighthawk (TLBAA A.I. Herd Sire #912 & ITLA #2107)  = $200.00

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