Our Longhorn Programs

As a quality "Seed Stock Producer" our Longhorn Program focuses on "sons of" and "daughters of" in our registered breeding stock for the entire herd.

We strive to produce quality offspring with both excellent body conformation and we strive for TOTAL horn length with a twist,  as well as increasing our tip to tip.

We have two programs within our Longhorn herd... and our best animals are a combination of both.

1. Our Main Seed stock Program where we focus on using a combination of known quality bloodlines to reach for better horn as well as keeping a balanced body to go with the horns.

We believe that we have a Herd Sire Lineup that will conserve a part of  "Owen McGill's 42 year Legacy" to the Registered Longhorn Breed.  Owen was well known and acknowledged as a "Master Breeder". It has been my strongest desire to understand and learn Owen's style of "constructive line breeding" that he did so well. I have been studying this particular "style" of breeding since well before 2001 in horses and since 2005 in Texas Longhorns.

I started collecting "McGill bred bloodlines" in 2007 when I bought "Rumble" from "Dora Thompson of Sand Hills Ranch" who had gotten Rumble from Owen himself. Since then I have been adding McGill old and new bloodlines into our herd as well as some nice outcross females too.

While we don't have the leading edge of maximum tip to tip horn growth, I do feel it is more important for me to conserve and carry Owen's style of constructive line breeding..

"ROUNDUP" is the Bull that put Owen on the map. "Roundup" genetics is what I have built my program around.
All have been picked to compliment the others in our effort of quality pedigree building.

We believe in "Total Horn with a beautiful Twist" is what Texas Longhorns are all about.

We are working on putting more lateral horn into our herd and are seeing the results of that.

This is also where we wish to thank "Owen McGill and Johnnie Wilson" whom our herd sires carry the genetic "constructive linebreeding program" put into place by this very famous team 42 years ago.  I was honored to be able to chase/research pedigrees via telephone with Owen over several years. He loved to go at "least" 6-7 generations back. Sadly, Owen passed away Spring of 2015. He is missed.

2. Our secondary Body program, where we focus on a traditional but fuller body that we can produce animals that can and do go into the freezer. We are taking our "better weight gain" bull/steer calves and putting them into a grass fed program at weaning time. 

Sandy then brings the "USDA and/or FSIS Inspected" Frozen Heart Healthy Longhorn Frozen Beef to 5 different Farmers Markets (Sayre, Elk City & Altus, Oklahoma and Childress & Clarendon, Texas) which usually starts in June and carries thru until mid to late September for the veggie guys. 

However Sandy is still going to  farmers market areas all year around on the 1st, 2nd & 4th Friday/Saturday combination of the month for her late Fall/Winter/Spring schedule.

We have also added an onsite store at our ranch to sell our beef products all year long.

The light weight "slow gainers" are taken to our local sale barn after they are settled from the weaning process. This allows us to fully utilize our surplus animals in different ways.

(It is the "Job" of any surplus animals to bring in an income to provide for the seed stock, thus insuring our ability to strive for high quality in our animals.)

Here at RAF our whole herd is on rotational grass pastures and horse-quality hay for the protein needed to replace cubes/feed they are not allowed in order to meet the newest standards of "Grass Fed Beef". Then when the selected animals reach processing age, they go to a USDA or FSIS processor.