Our Tennessee Walking Horse Program 
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The equine breeding program at Running Arrow Farm is designed to bring forward quality lineage traits of our Tennessee Walking Horses from the "Older Bloodlines" with natural plantation flat shod characteristics which blends wonderfully with the modern linebred pedigrees of today or the Heritage Lines that you/we are trying to preserve!

We have put together a small elite herd with which to breed sensible "walking" foals that we believe will fit the job of being quality trail riding horses.

In the future we will be able to offer breedings from a rare "Certified" Heritage cremello mare with a double agouti gene (Topaz is the only cremello mare in the TWH breed that is certified Heritage #70).  Also her '11 Cremello colt (Buck) also carries the double agouti gene.

In time, it is our hopes to be adding 2 Jr. stallions to the breeding mix, one cremello and one sabino buckskin colt.

 We will be able to offer a mix of the older bloodlines of walking horse genetics in our quality herd along with color. 

By having the 2 cremellos that are double (homozygous) for the agouti gene, we will be guaranteed to have only palomino, buckskin, cremello, or perlino foals depending on which mating we do among our 6 horses that uses a cremello as part of the mating strategy.

NOTE: We do not have the space/land to grow out and train riding horses. Right now I am not breeding any foals.

We do highly recommend "Walkers West" in east Texas, for additional TWH needs.
We also recommend Jim Holmes of Holmes Farm Walkers.
We sell "TOTAL EQUINE" Horse Feed and Mineral Bucket which is by "Total Feeds, "  as seen on RFD-TV.

The Total Equine Feed/Minerals are suitable for horses of all ages and health.

Our mare "Sunny" was one of the poster girls for "Dr. Harry Anderson's" program.

Double Dilute Colt~ RAF's Future Stallion Prospect

RAF Tanasi Buck

The Buck Starts Here x Tanasi Topaz Goldmine
Date of Birth: 04/14/2011
Description: Cremello Colt.. What is special about "RAF Tanasi Gold Buck" is that both sire and dam are homozygous for the cream gene and the agouti gene. This colt carries the homozygous forms of both the cream gene and agouti gene himself. Full brothers are proof that this cross works as they are being used as breeding stallions. Buck's "Heritage Era Lineage" provides a perfect blend to any of the modern showlines. His head nods when he walks.
Registration Number: 21104261
Sales Comments: Buck is the end result of the final mating between Topaz and "THE BUCK STARTS HERE". We are guaranteed a BUCKSKIN or PALOMINO out of all non-dilute mares. We are adding him to our prospect stallion lineup.

RAF Dusty's Royal Scarlet

Dusty's Royal Flush x Delightful Dee Dee
Date of Birth: 05/03/2010
Description: Nice sorrel filly by Chance/Dusty. Hard to find the foundation genetics up close like the top half of her pedigree is. 9 WGC in 5 generations. We are keeping her full sister, Buttons.
Registration Number: 21004160
Sales Comments: Pedigree influenced by SLF Ace's Sensation (WGC), Sun's Delight D (WGC)4x and Ebony Masterpiece (WGC)2x, and Midnight Sun (WGC)2x all show up in her 5 generation pedigree.

RAF Dusty's Royal Stetson

Dusty's Royal Flush x RAF Cajun's Sunny Spirit
Date of Birth: 05/27/2010
Description: Flashy Buckskin colt out of my personal trail riding bay mare, Sunny by Chance aka Dusty. Foundation Era bred on the sire's side, double "Pride of Midnight" on bottom grandam's side. This is the successful blending of the old "foundation" era lines on the more modern but older show lines. We couldn't ask for any better than this. Stetson shows our ideal of what we are looking for in our TWH.
Registration Number: 21004153
Sales Comments: Due to loosing his Sire to a massive Cancer mass around his heart from an overdose of pre-emergence on one years worth of hay that we had purchased. Stetson has the Stud look I like. We will not be selling Stetson. Stetson nods and "Walks" as his hoofbeats are evenly spaced/timed. He has a proud head carriage and is a flashy standout in the pasture. His 1st foal is a nice buckskin filly in 2015 from our Heritage mare, "Tanasi Topaz Goldmine". Filly has at "minimum" one crème gene and one agouti gene.
Sales Price: N/A

RAF Cajun's Sunny Spirit

Mack K Shaker's Cajun x Violator's Secret Love
Date of Birth: 05/07/2004
Description: "Sunny" is my highly prized personal trail mare who "walks" with a nice even hoof beat. Sunny has a nice mix of "motor" in large groups, and yet is laid back that she is able to follow a child's pony without crowding.
Registration Number: TWHBEA #20403662
Sales Comments: Sunny is highly prized as a proven trail horse and a proven brood mare. She excels at both which is why she is not for sale, but her foals are.
Sales Price: N/A

Certified Heritage/Foundation Bred #70

Tanasi Topaz Goldmine

Chance's Goldmine MF x Tanasi Gold
Date of Birth: 4/29/2002
Description: Tanasi Topaz Goldmine is the only double Agouti Cremello TWH brood mare that is "Heritage Certified". (Certificate #70) Topaz is continuing the foundation bloodlines that are being lost. Topaz is guaranteed to always have foals that carry a minimum of one cream gene and one agouti gene every time.
Registration Number: TWHBEA #20201421
Sales Comments: Foals for RAF ~ Cremello colt: 4/14/11, Buckskin colt: 4/15/13, Buckskin filly: 4/20/14, Buckskin filly: 4/16/15 Held open for 2016 foaling season.
Sales Price: N/A

Mack K Shaker's Cajun ~ Reference Only

The Tiger Man x Shakers Sunny Cajun
Date of Birth: 07/15/1993
Description: Cajun is my very first Walker... Walking with an evenly timed hoof beat which he passes on to his offspring. His daughter "Sunny" is my highly prized personal trail horse. Cajun was also used as my personal trail horse before "Sunny" arrived. Cajun has older proven blood lines that work well with any of our mares. Deceased November 2014.
Registration Number: TWHBEA #937960
Sales Comments: Has 4 different sons of: "Midnight Sun" without having "Pride of Midnight" for his lineage. Putting Chance/Dusty on Cajun's daughters produce a knockout combination, these foals "walk".
Sales Price: N/A

Dusty's Royal Flush aka- Chance/Dusty

Chance's Gold Dust H. x Ace's Delight Heiress
Date of Birth: 07/01/1994
Description: Sire of Buttons, Delight and Stetson. We are using his '10 Buckskin colt, "RAF Dusty's Royal Stetson" and "RAF Dusty's Royal Buttons & Dusty's Royal Scarlet" as his breeding replacements.
Registration Number: TWHBEA Reg. #945407 and RHBAA Reg. #29479
Sales Comments: Dusty/Chance had 19 individuals on his registration papers that are from the 1930's and 1940's. This is rare old time quality bloodlines top to bottom. Deceased May 2011. Lost due to Massive Cancer around his heart from an overdose of pre-emergence on one years worth of hay that we had purchased. We had also lost another mare, and several cattle to this.
Sales Price: n/a