Spring 2020

Fall 2019
(JP Rio Grande x Shamrock Van Horne)
We have now brought in our Outcross Bull for breeding our McGill genetic base.

Flint Rock's Sire: JP RIO GRANDE (Bred by Johnnie & Pat Robinson) is a well known and well proven Sire within the Texas Longhorn Breed.   Panther Creek Ranch A.I.ed JP Rio Grande to the SHAMROCK BETTY VAN HORNE cow. Shamrock Betty Van Horne (Shamrock Valley Ranch) is the product of mating SITTIN BULL x TEXANA VAN HORNE.  Texana (Taylor Cattle Company) goes back to DELTA VAN HORNE daughter of DELTA VIXEN (Johnnie Hoffman breedings).

Not only Flint Rock has a well proven sire and sire line, He favors sire in both coloring, size and horn set, plus his pedigree is backed up with a highly sought after and proven dam line.  Rockin' J Longhorns knew of Owen's love of Delta Van Horne and bought him as a weanling.  FR first calves were born in 2016. FR has been busy ever since.

Flint Rock is living up to Owen's expectations of producing offspring better than himself. Yes, he doesn't have the record breaking horns that are so sought after, but once you see his daughters, you will see that his pedigree has truly shined thru in his production.

FR brings size, lateral horn, brindle and 3/4 outcross to the McGill genetics. I don't have to re-invent this wheel because I already know this particular combo works very well.

Kudos to Rockin' J Longhorns for seeing the potential of Flint Rock and helping me carry Owen's legacy forward.

June of 2018
We were lucky enough to be able to purchase and bring in the Crown Jewel of Owen McGill's top Herd Sire Combination of "Hunts Command Respect" and "Hashbrown".  This combo has produced both "Top Caliber" and "Sittin Bull". Both were syndicated for top Dollars. Now the youngest and only full brother comes to our line-up is '"RJL NIGHTHAWK". 

NIGHTHAWK not only carries the proven and consistent genetics of his brothers, lateral horn, and the additional home run of his striking Parker Brown coloring. His offspring will give value to any herd as already proven by his brothers. He will continue the awesome Legacy of the breeding that Owen McGill was so famous for.

He is both TLBAA & ITLA Herd Sire Certified and semen was professionally collected and is stored at Great Plains Breeders Service. Contact either myself (Sandy- 806.205.1235) or Ray Spangler (Our partner on Semen Sales) 940.636.5909

We believe that we have a Herd Sire Lineup that will conserve a small part of  "Owen McGill's 42 year Legacy" to the Registered Longhorn Breed.  Owen is well known and acknowledged as a "Master Breeder". It has been my strongest desire to understand and learn his style of "constructive line breeding" that he did so well. I have been studying this particular "style" of breeding since before 2001 in horses and since 2005 in Texas Longhorns.

I started collecting "McGill bred bloodlines" in 2007 when I bought "Rumble" from "Dora Thompson of Sand Hills Ranch" who had gotten Rumble from Owen himself. Since then I have been adding McGill old and new bloodlines into our herd as well as some nice outcross females too.

While we don't have the leading edge of maximum tip to tip horn growth, I do feel it is more important for me to conserve some part of what Owen built.

"ROUNDUP" is the Bull that put Owen on the map. "Roundup" genetics is what I have built my program around.
All have been picked to compliment the others in our effort of quality pedigree building.

We believe in "Total Horn with a beautiful Twist" is what Texas Longhorns are all about.

We are working on putting more lateral horn into our herd and are seeing the results of that.

This is also where we wish to thank "Owen McGill and Johnnie Wilson" whom our herd sires carry the genetic "constructive linebreeding program" put into place by this very famous team 42 years ago.  I was honored to be able to chase/research pedigrees via telephone with Owen over several years. He loved to go at "least" 6-7 generations back. Sadly, Owen passed away Spring of 2015. He is missed.

ALL 10 bulls listed below (current and reference)   reflect both old and new McGill/Wilson breeding.

Many thanks for RJL FLINT ROCK  & RJL NIGHTHAWK ( NH carries Owen McGill's own brand)

Many thanks for JBR CASH (AI Semen)

Many thanks to for TOTEM POLE  (AI Semen Available Only) (TP carried Owen McGill's own brand.)

Many thanks to for BAR B Q (AI  Semen Available Only), Smoky River,  RJL Nighthawk and RJL Flint Rock.

 Many thanks to McGill Ranch for RED MAGIC 28 and ROCKYTOP DIAMOND (carried Owen McGill's own brand)

Many thanks to for RUMBLE, FIRE PROOF and WAR WAGON (WW carried Owen McGill's own brand)