Policies & Terms Effective 2-1-2003 (Rev.: 2.28.2020)

General: Our policies, procedures, and sales terms are subject to change without notice, so please check back on this website for any updates or you may E-Mail Us regarding any last minute changes (if any).

Payment Terms: A 25% advance deposit is required for any Horse or Longhorn purchase to hold your order for 30 days. Upon payment of the balance via Certified Check, you may pick up your Longhorn (or make arrangements for delivery). Personal or business checks are accepted for the 25% deposit. All payments to be made to RUNNING ARROW FARM LLC.

Legal Possession: Upon final payment of your Longhorn or horse you will take legal possession and at that point you are solely responsible for its care. Should there be a weather or other delay in your taking physical possession, we can board your horse or Longhorn for a limited time at no extra charge for weather only. Buyer should obtain his/her own insurance, policy effective date of your final payment and legal possession.

Boarding Fees: Upon final payment of your horse or Longhorn , buyer becomes full and legal owner. From date of final payment until the animal is picked up or delivered, there will be a $8.00 per day full care boarding fee for a horse or a $3.50 boarding fee for a Longhorn. Any charges for emergency or other necessary Vet, Farrier care or other services while we are boarding are the responsibility of the buyer and payment for same is due prior to your taking physical delivery of your animal.

Registration: Running Arrow Farm will promptly transfer registration papers to the new owner and forward registration transfer papers to the appropriate registration association. At the time you pick up your Longhorn or horse, you will receive a photocopy of the Registration Certificate and transfer papers, pending your official receipt of the transfer registration from the respective registry organization.

Vaccinations: All horses at Running Arrow Farm, LLC have current negative Coggins test results, current vaccinations, and have been vaccinated against West Nile Virus. They also have their de-worming program up to date. Any horse sold to an out-of-state buyer will also have a current Veterinarian's Health Certificate issued by our Equine Veterinarian prior to transport. Our Tennessee Walking Horses are blood-typed.

All of our Longhorns at Running Arrow Farm, LLC are current on all of their vaccinations for our area, including Brucellosis.  Vet Health Certificates are supplied with purchases. Bulls will have special needs for paperwork depending on individual state requirements.

Delivery: Running Arrow Farm LLC "may" be able to deliver your horse or Longhorn...please inquire about arrangements. Transport charges will be $1.50 per loaded mile ($75. minimum charge), one way (charge subject to change with fuel costs).

Guarantee: Running Arrow Farm LLC warrants that our horses and Longhorns are as advertised and represented (subject to inadvertent typographical errors); and, are free of any diseases or medical problems known to us. However, we do not warrant that any particular horse or Longhorn to be fit for any particular purpose, activity, or use, since every buyer has their own program. In the event that an animal you contracted for becomes seriously ill, injured, or dies prior to your taking delivery, we will either (a) refund all monies paid by you; or, (b) you may apply those monies paid to purchase another one of our animals that we have for sale.

Lay-A-Way Program: Should you wish to purchase a Longhorn on this program, you may do so with a 25% deposit (but not less than $250.) at time of Contract, with the full balance being due not later than 90 days from date of contract. As such, minimum monthly payments shall be at least $250. with any balance due payable prior to taking possession of the animal. Any necessary Vet charges will be billed to you and payable monthly. Should you decide to terminate your Lay-A-Way program on or before the end of the three months period, $125. of any monies you have paid us to that date shall be retained by us for administrative charges.

Our Right of Withdrawal: We reserve the right to withdraw any animal advertised for sale at any time, for any reason, without advance notice. Prices are subject to change with the horse's or Longhorn's size, age, or pregnancy status. Once we have a written offer to purchase by you and a deposit has been made, then you are guaranteed that price for 30 days or as otherwise agreed upon at the time of our formal agreement.

If You Change Your Mind: Should you change your mind about completing a purchase within the first 30 days of our written agreement, we will refund your deposit, less $100. retained by us for administrative charges.

Pregnancy Checks: Should you purchase a bred female from us, we will provide you with the date of breeding (or dates of exposure). Should you desire a pregnancy test (by either palpation or ultrasound or blood), the Veterinary charges for testing will be passed on to you. No other warranties for live offspring are either expressed or implied.

Colt, Stallion or Bull: Should you purchase a male from us (unless otherwise noted on the sales contract), the animal is sold "as is" without warranty as to ability to sire: however, we semen test all males prior to final sale and delivery of the male to you. No males are sold for breeding purposes without a valid semen test and viability.

Liability Disclaimer: Neither William T. nor Sandra J. Martin, Running Arrow Farm, LLC or any of our associates shall be liable in any way for damage or injury to you or your equipment or vehicles following final payment of the Longhorn or horse and prior to loading into a trailer. Similarly, we shall not be liable for any harm to your Mare while being boarded or serviced by our Stallion. Normal pasture conditions are in place for any Longhorn breeding.  However, we will exercise customary reasonable, prudent, and professional efforts to ensure the safety of any of the animals. We recommend again, that you have your livestock Insurance in force prior to taking delivery. Once full payment is made to us, our insurance no longer applies to the horse being sold.

Thank you for your understanding!

For Additional Information:
Please Call 806.205.1235 us with your questions, comments, and suggestions! We are always happy to talk "Longhorn" with folks!