Friday, MAR 4th & MAR 11th, APR 1st & APR 8th (assuming no ice) at the ALTUS Farmers Market Area from 4-7:30 pm behind Walgreen's on Falcon Road.

Saturday, MAR 5th & APR 2nd (assuming no ice) at the CHILDRESS Farmers Market Area from 8:0 am until noon, south side of the Courthouse Square.

Saturday, MAR 12th & APR 9th (assuming no ice): I'll be in SAYRE at the Old Sonic Drive Thru from 7:30 am until noon. (If all goes well at home), I'll be in ELK CITY from 2 pm until 6 pm across the street from Hutch's on the west side.


CLARENDON: See below

NOTE: A brand new Farmers Market in CLARENDON, Texas called the "WHISTLE STOP TRADE DAYS AND FARMERS MARKET". Located at 1211 East 2nd Street. Contact Kimberly Britten at 806.206.6815 for further info. (the old auto dealership building next to the Vet Clinic).


This is my WHISTLE STOP TRADE DAYS Schedule from JUNE thru DECEMBER 2016. I am having to work my other farmers markets around this schedule. WSTD hours are from 10 am to 6 pm.  (Over 100 vendors.)

WSTD are 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. NOTE: I will only be doing SAT/SUN combination at the WSTD.

I will be at the ALTUS FARMERS MARKET area on Fridays before going to CLARENDON for the WSTD.

June 10th- Altus
June 11th & 12th- Clarendon at the Whistle Stop Trade Days

July 8th- Altus
July 9th & 10th- WSTD in Clarendon

Aug 5th- Altus
Aug 6th & 7th- WSTD in Clarendon

Sep 9th- Altus
Sep 10th & 11th- WSTD in Clarendon

Oct 7th- Altus
Oct 8th & 9th- WSTD in Clarendon

Nov 11th- Altus
Nov 12th & 13th- WSTD in Clarendon

Dec 9th- Altus
Dec 10th & 11th- WSTD in Clarendon

Schedule subject to change. 806.205.1235

NOTE#1: I have gone back to my late fall/winter/spring schedule of 1 time per month of stopping in Childress, Sayre, Elk City, and now Clarendon. Altus will still be 2x per month.

NOTE #2: Due to the pending monthly "Whistle Stop Trade Days" schedule, my own schedule will be adjusted to allow me to participate there.

Let me know how many bags of "Total Equine" to bring with me. I'll have "Oklahoma Local Honey" and my Own Ranch Raised Heart Healthy Lean "Texas Longhorn Grass Fed Beef" with me (NO Hormones, Antibiotics, Steroids etc.). As well as my other farmers market items like old fashioned Peanut Butter made in Hollis, Fruit Jams, Sweet Pickles, Chow Chow and salsas, etc. 806.205.1235


JBR Cash is a 3rd generation Multi-Bronze winner and is producing 4th generation Bronze Winner for Doug Hunt himself and others. 



Breeders of Quality Texas Longhorn Cattle & Tennessee Walking Horses.

NOTE:  Bill's Office Computer has crashed and we lost all emails and phone numbers which is why you have not heard from us.

Taking deposits on select unweaned calves.


Vaccinations, deworming and Registrations are provided. Girls are OCV'd.

Possible Delivery can be arranged at $2.00 per loaded mile.


NEW FOR RAF in 2014





Home of our Senior Herd Sires:

, (Wyoming Warpaint x ImA Whiz)  Multiple Bronzes Multiple Years.

(71.375" t2t, 15.5" base, & 102.38" total horn = official)

"TOTEM POLE", (Hunts Command Respect x Hay Hook) a 11X Bronze Winner 5 years in a row!

(76 1/8" t2t, 16 5/8" base, 103 7/8" total horn = official)

"BAR B Q", (Roundup x Teriyaki) a 3X Horn Showcase Bronze Winner 3 years in a row!

(70" t2t, 16.125" base & 95.125" total = official)

"RED MAGIC 28", (Hunts Command Respect x Magic 37)

(67" t2t, 14.5" base & 93" total on 1/20/13 = unofficial) 

Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle and Tennessee Walking Horses

We have USDA & FSIS Inspected Lean Longhorn Beef For Sale, including 96% Lean Ground Beef, Steaks, Roasts, Ribs, 4 flavors of Summer Sausages, Stew Meat and Chili Meat! 

Contact Us for Prices and Pick-up/Delivery Options

"Home of Grass Fed & Grass Finished Longhorn Beef"

4 kinds of ALL LH Beef Summer Sausages, 96-97% Ground Beef, Stew Meat, and Limited Number of Steaks when in stock. Please Inquire for current items.

All our LH Beef is from our own livestock that Bill and I raise ourselves so we know what is "NOT" in our beef products.


We are stocking dealers for the "Total Equine" cattle and horse feed and minerals which can be picked up here or Sandy can bring to any of the 4 Farmers Markets that Sandy attends in Altus, OK, or Elk City, OK, Sayre, OK, & Childress for our winter/spring season.

We Sell Total Feeds Inc. (Dr. Harry Anderson)  "TOTAL EQUINE" HORSE FEED...AS SEEN ON RFD/TV

These are top quality products with a track record to improve the nutrition of your animals. We have used Total Equine products successfully since '03 and will not switch to any other brand.  For further information call or E-Mail us at:


Purchase at:

* Running Arrow Farm, L.L.C.


P.O. Box 271

4230 US Hwy 83 N., Wellington, TX.

Call Sandy at 806-205-1235 For More Information

Possible Delivery can be arranged at $2.00 per loaded mile.